Senior game programmer with more than 5 years of experience as Unity programmer.

  • Karno Wibowo (Boy)
  • 28 August 1991
  • Bekasi (Indonesia)

Work Experience:

  • GUILD Entertainment (2014 - 2016)

    Unity3D C#

    ● Gameplay logic
    ● AI
    ● GUI
    ● Plugin

    Desktop Application

    ● Creating desktop aplication (C#) for stats management in the game

    Server side

    ● PHP and SQL database for save data management
    ● Setup and maintaining server remotely

  • Freelance

    Garudapoint (2017 - 2018)


    ● Gameplay logic
    ● GUI
    ● Multiplayer (Photon)

    Server side

    ● Integrating Garuda API with REST based API (PHP)
    ● Setup server


    ● Publish to Android Playstore and IOS Appstore

  • Goblingamer Hongkong (2018 - 2020)

    Unity3D C#

    ● UI
    ● Editor tools and database (for game items)
    ● Plugin (Ads + Mediation, Firebase Analytic, Google sign in, Facebook, etc..)
    ● 3rd Party API (AU Japan API, Huawei Login and Store API)


    ● Publish to Android Playstore ,IOS Appstore and Huawei store


  • Strata 1, Teknik Informatika (Bachelor of Computer Science)2009 - 2014

    STMIK Bani Saleh Bekasi, Indonesia

Some games that I created during college
  • pm

    Planet Miner

  • This is the first game that I created using Unity. I started making it at the end of 2012 until the middle of 2013. This game is targeted for the mobile platform and the development process is not continued because it was made only for the purposes of the thesis.
  • rpg

    Multiplayer Coop RPG (Prototype)

  • I made this prototype just to learn multiplayer games at Unity. This prototype uses the master server as network backend and I also managed to make my own dedicated server using Linux VPS. For the programming method itself, I use authorative server side programming, which means the entire function is run by the server.
  • vc

    Virtual Campus

  • Virtual Campus is a simulation and promotion type game, with the STMIK Bani Saleh campus as main focus. I created this game using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) in 2011, with the aim only to study UDK.
  • pz

    Shuffle Puzzle

  • This game is a mini game that I developed using native Java language. I made it on 3rd semester study period (in 2010). This game can be downloaded in here (246 kb).
  • mt

    Math Traveler

  • The first 2d game that I made with Unity just before graduating from college. This game has an element of calculation in the gameplay so that players are required to be able to add numbers quickly and precisely. This game can be downloaded in here (24 Mb).
The games that I worked on at GUILD Entertainment
  • gos

    Guild Of Souls

  • Guild Of Souls (G.O.S) is a 2D tower defense game with side scroll type. In addition to tower defense, G.O.S also has 2 other gameplay modes, Duel between heroes and War which is a war between all armies. G.O.S was launched into the iOS and Android platforms.
  • vr

    Terkurung (VR)

  • This game is a minigame for the Samsung Gear VR Challenge event. This is the first game that I made for Virtual Reality and targeted specifically for the Gear VR platform.
  • eu

    Ethernia Universe

  • Ethernia Universe is an rpg mobile game with hack and slash type gameplay. This game is the biggest game made by GUILD Entertainment but unfortunately the development process must be stopped halfway because the decision from the company.
The games that I worked on as a Freelancer
  • gm3

    Garuda Match 3

  • Garuda Match 3 is a Match 3 type puzzle game that resembles the game Candy Crush. My assignment is in This project is to modify an existing game, add some new features and integrate the API from Garudapoint into the game.
  • gp

    Garuda Pool

  • Garuda Pool is a Multiplayer billiard game. My job in this project is refine and complete the 80% finished gameplay core, and overhaul it almost entirely UI, adding new features, moved all save data systems from Playfab to Garuda's servers and integrate API from Garudapoint.
  • giias

    GIIAS (Event Game)

  • This is a mini game used for the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) event. In this game there are 3 types playable game. The first is a slot machine type, the second is guessing pictures and the third is a puzzle game.
  • ig

    Intuition Game

  • This is a mini trivia game that I made for a client at sribulancer.com. The gameplay itself just guessing the color of clothes.
The games that I worked remotely for Goblin Gamer HK
  • pwm

    Project War Mobile

  • Project War Mobile (PWM) is the next generation online shooter action game. PWM gives players the new experience of mobile action games in graphics, animation, controls. I work mainly as an UI programmer and handle 3rd party or plugin for the game.
Another Game
  • up

    [Untitled Project]

  • I made this game for a personal project. The progress itself is still in the form of a prototype and the making is still in my spare time. This game has a large scale with the type of space sandbox, so there is no loading screen if moving from one location to another location. Combining elements of exploration, action, base building, planetary landing, space combat, and strategy make this game a unique and very feasible game played for fans of space-themed games. More information can be seen in the interactive tab.

Contact Info

  • Whatsapp: (+62) 857 1082 6284

  • Line: boy.brumak

  • Email: karnowibowo91@gmail.com